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If you are a Fn player and need a good source to get vbucks or to activate the battlepass then read further. Players have always searched for places to get vbucks. The latest method is to use vbuckslol. This way you can add to your account vb or skins. The site is live from chapter 2 season 3. So if you want the coolest season 3 skins check the link below. 

How does this method works? It is pretty simple and vbuckslol com is made to be used by all players. It doesn't matter if you are a pro player or just a beginer, in just a few clicks you are done. What you have to do. Open the link above, connect your game account. Do not worry, no password is needed then choose the max vb number. Wait a few minutes and then check your game. All the vbucks should be there. You can now enjoy them as you want.Also please share with your friends.

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